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An Iconic Destination Designed by Iconoclasts

Author & Edit’s origin story is rooted in friendship, a love for great food and unforgettable experiences. In late summer 2017, on the first night of the Pilgrimage Festival, an idea was born at a barbeque down in Leiper’s Fork. Sam Fox, the 12-time James Beard Award Nominee and founder of Fox Restaurant Concepts, along with friends, enjoyed a long night of storytelling, collaboration and camaraderie. They would take the best elements in hospitality, music, design and entertainment and bring it to iconic Lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. The result is the iconic Twelve Thirty Club, one of many innovative restaurant and hospitality concepts from Author & Edit.

Transcendent Architecture

Sam, along with his friends, commissioned award-winning, interior design firm AVRO|KO, New York’s premier architectural tastemakers lauded for design that transcends the expected. AVRO|KO designs are characterized by a unique convergence between the ideals of the past and an off-beat, forward-looking sensibility; the perfect match to realize the vision for this multi-level dining, cocktail and music experience.

Twelve Thirty Club | View of restaurant
Twelve Thirty Club | Bartender pouring drink

A Destination Inspired by the Prohibition Era

The inspiration for The Twelve Thirty Club is rooted in the supper clubs of the 19th-century, when the closing time for pubs and restaurants was 12:30am. These supper clubs were able to stay open later than other restaurants and bars because they were deemed private establishments, becoming dynamic, multi-cultural destinations for music, entertainment and mirth. Often elaborate, these grand Art Deco palaces were where the pampered sons of fortune met the bohemian avant-garde upon a common level to engage in revelry.

Twelve Thirty Club | Bartender pouring drink