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Turn Up the Night

welcome to the twelve thirty club

You feel it. The magnetic pull of revelry colliding with an unforgettable rhythm. Go ahead, give yourself up to the promise of every exceptional moment you’re about to experience. Let it draw you inside to where the best elements of hospitality, music, design and entertainment amplify everything iconic about lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee. The food. The drinks. The atmosphere. The music. It’s where you want to be. Need to be. Ladies, gentlemen, bohemians and artists gather. Kindred spirits sync and unique menus greet you on every level. It’s an all-encompassing destination pulsating with endless possibilities designed to satisfy your soul. Welcome to The Twelve Thirty Club, where everyone is an honorary member and every night is unforgettable.

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Level up to The Twelve
Thirty Club

Now Open

The energy of The First Level beckons before you even step inside with an elevated vibe and amped up pulse paying homage to Nashville’s rustic roots and cosmopolitan style. Here, playful yet refined bar fare seduces the palate, pairing perfectly with cold local beer, inventive cocktails and music. Distinguished in style, step inside to fuel your passion for the unforgettable.

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Step Up as an Honorary Member

Opening Summer, 2021

Is that incredible staircase calling your name? Go ahead and ascend to the Honorary Member level, our intimate 50-person cocktail lounge. Don’t worry, the music will follow as you explore this refined yet addictingly approachable escape. Indulge in killer cocktails and small shared bites just steps above the First Level. It’s an epic respite to whet your appetite for what is still to come when you level up to the iconic The Twelve Thirty Club above.

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A Transcendent Experience

Opening Summer, 2021

Unapologetically dapper-as-hell. Refreshingly unpretentious. The 400-seat Twelve Thirty Club delivers on its promise of decadence in sight, sound, taste and feel. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable as undiscovered acts, household names, DJs or an impromptu jam electrifies this incomparable supper club. All night. Every night. Craveable classic American dining flavored by an unexpectedly whimsical Southern flair. Memorable musical encounters curated by one of Tennessee’s favorite sons. And as this renaissance of revelry reigns, you never know who might show up to take the evening to an even higher level.

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Fresh Perspectives The Rooftop

Opening Summer, 2021

Seek a new point of view beneath a canopy of stars and drink in the stunning cityscape from our Rooftop Terrace. High above Music City, indulge in a little moonshine, starshine and inviting outdoor fireplaces, the perfect spot for midnight cocktails with friends.

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